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Birth Support...

After a *free* initial meeting (I can also offer to do this via Skype if this would be easier for you) If you decide to go ahead and book my services, I offer full phone and e-mail support through out your pregnancy and for the first 4 weeks postnatal.

* I will do at least two antenatal visits, where we can talk about your past birth experiences (if applicable) and discuss what you are hoping for this time around. I will then assist you to write your birth preference plan so that your wishes are clear. As a part of the antenatal visit I also include a free relaxation session which can includes massage and Reiki.

* I will be on 24 hour call for you from 14 days before your due date until 14 days after.  (The on call dates can be extended if needed and I will do my very best to come to you outside of these dates).

* I will come to you when you are in labour, when you feel you need me, and go when you are happy for me to leave (usually after Mum is comfortable and baby has had the first feed).

* Then I will do one or two postnatal visits so that we can talk through your birth and I can answer any questions you may have. I also offer a free optional closing the bones massage at one of the postnatal visits. (If you would like more information on this please ask) 

My fee is £800

£300 non returnable (after a 7 day "cooling off" period) deposit paid at the time of booking,

£250 at the first antenatal visit, and

The remainder of £250 is payable at the postnatal visit. 

Travel is only charged after the first 20 Miles at 35p per miles. 

I do offer substantial discounts for my full HypnoBirthing program to birth clients.

I have at my clients' disposal a library of books, I have a Helios childbirth homeopathy kit, with which I have had basic training to use confidently.

If you would just like to have a chat to find if I would be the right support for you please call me on 07932277014 or use the contact link above.

I am a experienced, Doula UK recognised doula and I have experience in supporting........ Vaginal birth after 2 caesareans (VBA2C), Pre-term birth (34 weeks), Mum with PGP/SPD, Birth after birth trauma (Previous Episiotomy & forceps delivery) a Planned Cesarean Section, Emergency Cesarean, VBAC with a inverted T scar, Homebirth, Home VBAC, Mum with M.E, Water-birth, Mum with PTSD, Water-birth after previous PPH, Mum with mental health issues and Mum Breast feeding a baby with tongue tie...etc. 

**I am more than happy to support a homebirth!**

I love to support homebirth. I have had 3 homebirths myself. One of these was with my first baby.

If money is the only thing stopping you from hiring a doula please contact me as we may be able to come to a mutual agreement, I would consider a trade swap and I am happy to take on