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Safehands, Birthing Services

Everyone should feel like they are in safe hands

The "hip" way to birth!

The Wise Hippo is a new approach to birthing... It is a full antenatal preparation course as well as a full hypnobirthing program. The Wise Hippo believe a positive birth experience is about having the best experience you can have on the day.

I believe through this program and my experience of birth (from being a doula and a mum), I can teach you the skills you need to learn to trust your body and your own instincts so you can achieve the best most positive birth for you and your baby.

What is hypnobirthing?

Well first let me tell you what it is not...It is not swinging watches and making you walk like a chicken! You will never be asked to do anything that will make you or your partner feel uncomfortable or out of control.

Hypnobirthing is a program designed to give women (and their partner) the tools to create a calm, relaxed, confident mother. Through a series of classes I will give you the information and self hypnosis techniques to help you relax and remain calm and in control during your pregnancy, labour and birth. Hypnobirthing can be done at anytime during your pregnancy. But ideally between 25 and 35 weeks.    

With this program you will receive one-2-one teaching from myself in your own home. Along with a pack that includes a book which includes all we talk about during the sessions, downloadable MP3's with all the relaxation scripts and music and a library of videos and useful clips for you to watch at home.

There are 4 sessions each 2-2.5 hours long usually done over 4 weeks. But can be done at a quicker or slower pace to suit yourselves and the stage of pregnancy you are at.

The cost of these classes are £250 + Travel expenses charged at 45p per mile after the first 5 miles. Taken from the AA route planner starting from WS11 (Cannock) 

Then why not add an extra personalised birth planning session £50

Not sure hypnobirthing is for you?

Well why not try the "Taster" class? This is around 1.5 hour introduction to hypnobirthing class that will talk about what the full course includes and give you an idea if hypnobirthing is for you!

This course is *£30 +** Travel expenses charged at 45p per mile after the first 5 miles. Taken from the AA route planner starting from WS11 (Cannock)

*which will deducted from the cost if you decide to go ahead with the full course. **Travel expenses are not refundable.