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Safehands, Birthing Services

Everyone should feel like they are in safe hands

Postnatal and Placenta Services...

Placenta services...Hire my full placenta encapsulation kit and I will come into your home as a postnatal doula and encapsulate it for you. I will give you full details of how to care for your placenta before it is encapsulated. Then I will come to your home in the early days after your baby is born and prepare the placenta and put it in the dehydrator one day and the following day come back and encapsulate it for you.

**£150 plus travel charges at 35p per mile.

I can also do Placenta smoothies and tincture. Please contact me for more information.

Closing the Bones...

I can offer a postnatal Closing The Bones Massage Please see the therapies page.

Postnatal support... As a mum to 5 beautiful children I know how difficult and tiring the first few weeks can be.

I know how worrying it is feeling like you need to do everything "right". Well I can help you find the "right" way for you! and support you in your decisions.

I am happy to support your new family in the early weeks after the birth of your baby. Jobs and duties can be discussed on a job by job basis to suit you as a family.

I can look after baby while you gets some sleep, or take a bath, I can put the washing machine on or wash last night dishes, I can put the vacuum round or prepare a light meal, I can pop to the shops or put shopping away... I am there as support for the new family to offer emotional and practical support to empower them to feel they can do it alone.

 I charge £18 per hour + Travel (booked in blocks of 2 or 3 hours). *I offer 20 hours for the price of 18 if paid in advance*

If you would like to purchase some postnatal support for a friend or relative please contact me for gift vouchers.

Breastfeeding Support... 

I feel every woman has the right to choose which is the right way for them to feed their baby and I will support you in whichever way you choose!

But If you choose to breastfeed I am a trained La Leche League & NCT breastfeeding peer support counsellor and have attended a study day run by world renowned breastfeeding specialist Dr Jack Newman.

I find it really sad how little support there is out there for breastfeeding mothers. We are often told "breast is best" but then at the first sign of problems, we are often advised by family, friends and even medical professionals to give a bottle!

There is phone support for breastfeeding moms "The La Leche League" have a national phone support number which is 0845 120 2918 also "The National Breastfeeding Helpline" is 0300 100 0212

There are also many free breastfeeding support groups locally,I run the Cannock one. The Boob Group Cannock. We have a Facebook page and we run on a Monday at Cannock Chase Children's Centre. 1.30-3pm and I can help sign post you to you nearest one.

And although it is certainly not for everyone, I am happy to talk to you about baby carriers & wraps along with cloth nappies and baby massage.